Attractive wedding suit with Jacquard fabric

09:22 07/11/2019

Attractive wedding suit with Jacquard fabric.

If you just hang around in the "safe" options of wedding suits such as white, black, navy or even choose ready-made products, it will easily be "sunk" between elaborate wedding suits. This is even more emphasized when weddings are held in luxurious places, the guests are fashion connoisseurs or high places in society. However, you should not experiment with "unique" schemes that go against the overall concept, or choose colors like a chameleon unlike anyone. In fact, a "tailor-made" tuxedo with a shawl lapel, a cummerbund, a bow tie, a French double check cuff shirt, and cufflinks. ... because the tuxedo shows an understanding of European costumes and events for parties that need to be very formal. However, the central character may not just stop at a traditional tuxedo and a great suggestion comes from the name JACQUARD.


JACQUARD is a high-class fabric that owns exquisite patterns woven directly onto the structure rather than using embroidery or printing technology. The product was created by Joseph - Marie Jacquard - a French weaver.
This sample of Dinner Jacket designed by Nhut Tailor this time aims to help the groom have more choices but still not lose the elegance and solemnity. A little press, at the present hidden subtle of Jacquard fabric pattern will help the protagonist is always the center to attract all eyes. Finally, you just need to combine with black bow accessories, white pocket scarf (silk or cotton), black Oxford shoes to complete the wedding suit on the "power" patterned cloth this time.


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