Bespoke suit - Bright spot typical for British fashion industry

09:31 27/08/2019

It is not exaggerated that the British are admired by the whole world in arrogance but still in moderation in words, voice and daily actions and the fashion industry there exudes such aura very clearly. Bespoke suit - a bright spot typical for British fashion industry. Go back in time to the nineteenth century, coming to Savile Row - not only the cradle of the most expensive suits in the world but also a place to create a proud heritage for the tailoring industry.

Currently, the male fashion industry is becoming more industrialized and hustling with the steps to keep up with the times, producing Ready To Wear (RTW) or Made To Measure (MTM) lines to catch the trend of each season. Bespoke still has a certain place in the hearts of guests who prefer flair, classic and timeless. Bespoke is a form of traditional handmade clothing. Understanding that every person is unique, Bespoke brings not only the final product based on each customer measurement, to meet all the designs and details desired, but also a sophisticated hobby. of men - where they express their taste in every outfit from colors, materials or even buttons. From censorship to fabric cutting, fabrication, and sewing to stitches leading to finished products, all strictly follow the strict rules that a Bespoke family needs to be done by hand. . To complete a proper suit can take hundreds of hours, in exchange for the gentleman will find his waiting is worth the essence they are about to be put on him.


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