Coordinate trousers and shirt

10:16 08/12/2019

Not everyone is able to invest in a "true" bespoke suit, and the weather does not always support wearing a proper suit. Therefore, the coordination of shirts is even more concerned if the gentlemen want to be always elegant and fashionable. Fashion does not have a common formula, but if you do not want to spend a lot of time "looking", or prefer the "safe" options, you should keep in mind the following four types of Coordinate trousers and shirt:

1. Contrast style

The contrasting color combination of shirt and pants is the most familiar style for men. A dark pair of pants with a light colored shirt, or vice versa will help you stand out easily and attract. Typical example: black trousers with a white / light blue shirt. Suggestions are extremely suitable for the "office" guy because of the neat, neat.

2. Ombre style

Ombre style is a color combination that gradually increases from dark to light between casual pants and a shirt. This is a light color combination, but still exudes creativity. The style shows that you have a good taste, and are extremely suitable for young men. You are completely confident to choose Omber for work, or small parties to attract her.

3. Monochrome style

Monochromatic style coordination is not synonymous with boredom, but it is extremely attractive because of the "simple is the best" feature. The scheme of "one-color" shirts and pants is suitable for many different situations such as working, going out, going to a party or dating. The typical example is that full-black not only creates a fascinating mystery, but also helps to blur many body blemishes.

4. Personality style

Not only elegance, shirts and casual pants also create a stylish, dynamic and youthful style if you know how to choose and coordinate. It could be simply a pair of black casual pants with a textured shirt, a button down button, or a slim-fit casual pants. In addition, you can choose a pair of sneaker rigs instead of oxford, "rigid" derby normally. Try contrasting colors to keep your style and style free.

As mentioned before, fashion has no specific pattern, but if you want to be both safe and fashionable, here are four types of Coordinate trousers and shirt for you.




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