Double breasted suit

01:17 27/08/2019

Double breasted suit - 2 button suit is not strange for men. But now, compared to the frequency of the appearance of the "Single breasted suit" -suit is a rather dense row of buttons on the street every day or in the office or as a "safe" choice for grooms who want it. can use the suit after the main purpose, ... the strong appearance, full of charm and elegance of the 2-button suit suit will surely attract everyone's eyes on the wearer.

Talking a little bit about "Double breasted-DB" is a suit modeled after the navy coat (naval army coat), quite popular in the 1930s in England, mentioning DB the first image to appear in potential My consciousness are elegant gentlemen with a classic touch.

DB is a jacket with a wide front flap and overlapping the lower flap, which is tried to be fixed by a row of buttons, the rest of the buttons are just for decoration. In the Sartorial Talks series of Hugo Jacomet talking about DB: “If someone advises you should stay away from a DB suit for the first time because they will put a lot of fabric on the body before the lapel will pull your body horizontally. then the first thing I can recommend is that: if you like it, wear it and never listen to the people who prevent you from wearing what you like. Believe in your eyes, believe in gout to dress and believe in your own feelings. ”A DB set to be beautiful on any form, the first important thing is that the shirt form must be cut beautifully. and must be cut to your own size, obviously you won't find a commercially available DB that fits perfectly into your body.

If the 1-button suit is simply 1 button, 2 buttons or 3 buttons, then the 2-button suit is also picky and has more choices. The meaning of the number of buttons is shown as follows:

There will be numbers that belong to the DB world like 6x2, 6x1. The first number: 6 is the number representing the total number of buttons on the shirt, 2 is the number of buttons representing the number of buttons that can be used, to make it easier to understand you will be able to install 2 buttons with 2 button holes on the shirt. , 4 buttons left to decorate - this is also one of the most classic models. Similarly, 6x1, 1 is a number representing a button that can be installed with 1 button hole, the remaining 5 buttons for decoration, this type is quite popular among Italian gentlemen who want a breakout that is easy to wear. more casual and fashionable in 1 set of DB. (as illustrated above is the 6x2 shirt style).
Or a DB set will only have 4 buttons: 4x2 and 4x1. Like above, 4 is the total number of buttons, 2 and 1 represent the number of buttons and buttons on the shirt.

A few tips for you when deciding to choose 1 DB set:

  • When wearing a DB, always remember to button when you're standing or even when sitting.
  • For 8-button or 6-button DB sets, the bottom button should be left open
  • The lapel should go with the DB is always the peak lapels, you will look very elegant and powerful with the DB shirt with the pointed lap, choose the large version instead of the small one (I will talk about the owner again) Thread this lapel next time to make it clearer.)
  • For DB models, the waist at the button is always set to hug a bit more than the model suit 1 row of buttons.
  • Especially for the gentlemen who have "big" in front, do not need to think too much but go to a tailor shop to order 1 DB for yourself because with the suits available, you have to wear. Choose size to fit the waist, your butt if small will make you look like you are wearing a dress.

Come to the tailor, order for yourself a set of DB. I don't really care about the one-button suit you buy somewhere, but experience a 2-button suit that fits your body. Do you know which of our stores is closest to you?




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