Double cuff

01:21 27/08/2019

Double-cuffed, also known as "double cuff", is a type of shirt sleeve originating in England but favored by French and romantic gentlemen, so many people mistake this as The pattern is derived from France and it is also known as "French cuff".

Double check cuffs are shirts with a sleeve length of twice the length of a normal cuff, folded in half and fixed by an accessory specifically designed for this sleeve - cufflinks Instead of the usual buttons, which, in my opinion, are small but simple and luxurious cufflinks that stand out in a modest position are not the focus of the outfit on that friend, but it will show. Yourself more than a cravat can do.

If people always assumed that wearing this type of shirt for formal occasions or always accompanied by a black tie and serious office suits, these rules in recent years have not been able to "make it difficult". gourmet gentlemen. For example, Tom Ford's fashion designer wore this type of shirt but did not wear a tie, although there will be a lot of mixed opinions but at least he has made a flexible variation in this shirt. .

* Tips: It is important to note when you wear this type of shirt if you want everything to look perfect that is the length of the sleeve must ensure that always keep ¼ to 1 inch between the sleeve of the shirt and any whichever sleeve you decide to wear because cufflinks need to be exposed.

Or if you are a watch lover, a French cuff shirt will make people pay more attention to the sleeves and the grooming that it brings will be a nice resonance for the whole set of your day. .

Hopefully this article will inspire you so you can try a shirt with double cuffs and feel comfortable in an exquisite way with cufflinks.



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