Fabrics - The origin story of tailor-made works

01:41 14/08/2019

Fabrics - The origin story of tailor-made works.
When you decide to order a suit, the first thing you must do is choose a fabric pattern. To complete a "quality" suit we will have to be really careful from the very first step - choosing the fabric. Currently at BESPOKE TAILORING, we are having 3 main groups of fabric:

1. Group of cloth houses from England: Hudderfield Cloth, Hudderfield fine worested, Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry. In general, British fabrics have a variety of materials, the surface of the fabric is well finished. British fabrics often focus on cool and deep colors (this is caused by the climate in the UK is a cold climate, heavy rain) is suitable for clothes that are biased towards business or furniture high weight.

2. Group of cloth houses from Italy: Vitale baberies Cannonico, Cacciopoli, Lanificio F.lliCerruti. In general, fabrics from Italy are diverse in types of textiles, materials and materials. As a hot and dry Mediterranean country (but a subtropical climate), but Italy still has a cold winter, the fabric houses here vary from 4-season fabrics to specialized fabrics for season (seasonal fabric). Italian fabric houses often produce summer collections, collections for winter and four separate seasons ... In general, if you are looking for shape, Italian fabric is an option. can not be ignored.

3. Some popular fabric brands: Dolce & Taylor, procantex, ... In general, these stores are not too diverse in materials (usually stopping at 100% wool, or blend wool & Polyester with many different ratios. ) These fabric houses are often very diverse in color and texture. Average price, suitable for the majority of users. In addition, blending fabric with polyester will make the fabric more durable and easier to take care of. If this is the first choice for you, or you are passionate about colors and textures, these fabric houses will be bright options for you.
Here is a summary of some of the fabric houses we have at the store,
Hope this will be useful information to help you have a satisfactory outfit.


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