Men's necktie - Weapon that represents the gentleman's ego

10:23 13/11/2019

For fashion "believers", a men's tie is not merely an accessory but also a "weapon" that expresses the ego. But on what occasion should we use a tie, how to choose and how to match RIGHT? Please pay attention to men's ties if you do not want to ruin the image of tailor made suits "worth".

A. What is a men's tie?

A tie (derived from French cravate) is also known as a tie. The story originates from a trip to Paris around 1660 by a Croatian regiment, and King Louis XIV was so overwhelmed by the brightly colored silk scarves of the Croatian officers that he considered them symbols. of the royal family. Later, the king decided to create his own "empire" - known as Royal Cravattes. Practical cravate is the French word for Croatian people.



Today, a men's necktie is an accessory consisting of a long piece of cloth, usually made of silk, tied at the bottom of the collar with two heads to lie down along the chest, the head with a large version to the front, covering the row. shirt button. Men's ties are usually worn with shirts, or suits, for occasions when it is polite and formal. Necktie is also worn in office attire, ceremony, uniform or fashionable clothes.

So if you are a groom with a wedding suit, a senior manager of an international business, or simply attend a "five-star" party, the tie will be more elaborate and serious. However, if you merely need a suit to "hang out", check-in to meet friends at the end of the year ceremony, you should not use a tie to create a dynamic and youthful.

B. How to choose and tie a men's tie

Always remember that "a tie needs to be MEDIUM with a SHIRT" because otherwise it will ruin the balance of the suit. Next you need to choose the size appropriate to the body shape, such as people with large bodies, the tie with a width of 7-9cm; people with average body width 6-8cm; people with small bodies, the width of 6-7.5cm.

Next, you need to use the "color wheel" to choose the right tie scheme to determine the complementary colors, contrast or similar to the shirt. Popular ways to tie men's ties include: Four-in-Hand; Half-Windsor; or difficult models with more eye-catching shapes include Eldredge, Van Wijk, Trinity. Five popular patterns include: plain, polka dots, stripes, knitted wool with vintage tones, and submersible block patterns.


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