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In the late 1920s, men did not spare money on their clothes to show their wealth.

The costumes are elaborately expressed through the accompanying accessories which are coordinated with colorful shirts in accordance with the jazz spirit at that time.
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When you decide to order a suit, the first thing you must do is choose a fabric pattern. To complete a "quality" suit we will have to be really careful from the very first step - choosing the fabric. Currently at BESPOKE TAILORING, we are having 3 main groups of fabric:
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“ Double breasted suit “ – suit 2 rows of buttons is not strange to men. But now, compared to the frequency of the appearance of the "Single breasted suit" -suit is a rather dense row of buttons on the street every day or in the office or as a "safe" choice for grooms who want it. can use the suit after the main purpose, ... the strong appearance, full of charm and elegance of the 2-button suit suit will surely attract everyone's eyes on the wearer.
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Why are people not wearing the last button when wearing suits?

Have you ever wondered why people wear suits without the last button?
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Pocket Square

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Accessories that accentuate the winter suit

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Tailor brands in Saigon

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Pure wool flannel

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Coordinate trousers and shirt

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Men's necktie - Weapon that represents the gentleman's ego

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