Pure wool flannel

10:07 13/12/2019

The winter in South Vietnam is usually not too cold, but the atmosphere is still enough to be much more comfortable. And certainly for fashion drunken ladies, this is definitely a rare occasion to wear the beloved suits. But instead of favoring lightweight fabrics like Polyester or venting like linen, we should go to the better keeping line to be suitable for late night parties.

PURE WOOL FLANNEL, also known briefly as flannel. The origin of the word flannel is unclear, and according to many information the starting point is the phrase gwlanen of Welsh (meaning wool). Still use the natural wool as the mainstream, but brushed, woven and treated differently makes the surface thick, slightly ruffled, always feeling soft cotton with woven eyes smaller than conventional wool fabrics. This typical Welsh fabric has quickly spread to England, Italy, and the USA because of its excellent warm keeping ability.

If you are quite good, you can choose pure wool flannel line to tailor suit for life value, but if you are less financial, you can choose flannel fabric made from cotton, or synthetic fiber. In addition to typical checkerboard motifs, pure wool flannel fabric is available in a choice of slippery colors, or fine plaid patterns according to individual preferences. You can choose navy, gray (light gray, dark gray) tone to create elegance; while the small vertical stripes have a classic color, slightly British style; large classic square motifs are diverse, such as travel, walking, weddings, or serious office environments.

The pure wool flannel line stands upright due to the thick nature of the wool fabric, as well as creating an aesthetic accent by its characteristic rough surface. In addition, you can also choose to tailor a gray flannel pants with a jacket according to the image of the winter icon.



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