Summer suit

04:51 06/03/2020

Summer days are always an "obsession" for men who are passionate about bespoke suits because the atmosphere is hot and the temperature is always high. There is a lot to think about wearing suits for summer days apart from designs, and the material is just one of the questions that you should ask. Think about creating a "proper" summer suit, otherwise you have to move in a tired and sweaty look. On hot summer days, a suit that is considered many factors will be the key to keeping an elegant and comfortable appearance. The following article is 3 specific notes that you need to think.

1. Farbic

Material is always the first thing to think about, and of course you can't sew a thick woolen suit when the temperature starts to "get hot". You need to consider the options of tropical wool fabrics woven with larger gaps for ease of breathing. Italian fabrics (a Mediterranean country with a climate similar to Vietnam) are worth considering. Also, look for linen-wool blends or 100% linen, breathable fabrics.

Linen fabric is made from fibers in the trunk of flax. Fabrics made from nature should be firm, safe and glossy than cotton. Linen fabric has the ability to absorb quickly and also evaporate very quickly, so it is often preferred for hot summer days. However, a major disadvantage of linen is that it is easy to wrinkle, low elasticity, so the folds often appear.

2. Fit

When it comes to building a Summer suit, half-structured or unstructured suits will also help you be "much cooler". Lightweight suits with softer structures will have the advantage of restricting fit, and also being sturdy if not properly designed. Certainly a structured "loose" outfit will theoretically be more comfortable, keeping you cool but it lacks the "standard" elements of a suit. Therefore, you should choose a blazer, or choose a "skilled" tailor to suit the best fit.

3. Color

As a rule of thumb, you are less likely to sweat out because of heat if you choose bright colors like white, light navy, pastel, soft gray - color patterns that avoid absorbing heat. If you prefer the black style or the "three-piece suit", then you need to choose "ultra light, super cool" fabrics.

We believe that after reading, you can avoid the hassle of "struggling" to find the perfect summer suit.


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