Tailor brands in Saigon

01:27 24/12/2019

Following the historical flow from elegant and elegant Saigon to modern dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, tailor-made fashion has changed a lot with a variety of designs and models. Starting from the "cultural cradle" of the South, many tailor brands in Saigon have become a reliable place not only for domestic people (workplaces, artists, wedding suits) but also for foreigners.

The usual process includes: measuring - cutting - measuring auxiliary materials - cutting - making - comb testing - sewing - attaching buttons - finishing. Of course, only big "Tailor brands" can afford to ensure strictness and standards in relative time (from one to three months). Therefore, the first thing is that you need to find the "famous" artisans because of the reputation. Because they are not only proficient in measurement techniques, but also knowledgeable in fabric, share many cultural issues, and embrace high fashion trends to understand the potential desires of customers.

Renowned tailors in Saigon like Nhut Tailor will ensure the process of creating the most standard and meticulous bespoke. With the "old hand pull" with the level of skillful tailor sewing, skilled assistant staff, and professional store system will not only create the perfect finished product, but also help you step in. a real world of tailor art.

Why choose Nhut Tailor:

  • Free consultation support, thorough product by enthusiastic professional staff.
  • Create the perfect "bespoke suit" handmade products at the most competitive prices.
  • Commitment on schedule and in the shortest time.
  • Special offer for loyal customers.
  • Possesses many high-class fabric materials from the world's leading fabric brands.
  • Team of barbers and tailors over decades of apparel experience should elaborate to every small detail.


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