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The revolution of "industrial" fashion, many big brands poured money to win market share, and the hurried spin of the modern suit made the ready-made suit gradually take its place in the "convenient world 4.0". However, two questions to ponder deeply are:

1. Nobody looks like 100% like twins.

2. The number of "mannequin" models is very small. The ratio of Vietnamese body is far different from the "standard" of Europe and America.

Therefore, the Tailored suit or Bespoke suit which is inherently the "measuring and closing suit" is still showing the importance when putting on the scale "VALUE vs CONVENIENCE". Consider based on two separate concepts:

A. Ready-to-wear Suit: A ready-to-wear suit, and you just need to buy and wear without having to tailor. Speaking of course, you will certainly be "in touch", and completely hard to find the complete suit as you want (color / material / style / fit). Typically, the price of "Ready-to-wear" will not be too high and easily found in the market fashion boutiques.

B. Tailored suit: A suit tailor made by a mechanic, and many stages must be done manually by hand. Contrary to "Ready-to-wear", tailored suits are an incredibly magical world.

Bespoke is meant to be completely tailored clothes, suit, or shirt. Each item is made according to customers' own measurements based on the Arabic (original "Pattern"). Besides optimizing the body ratio, customers can easily customize according to personal preferences in terms of material, color, style and is roughly understood: "a piece of cloth a customer".

7 DIFFERENT VALUE OF Tailored suit:

1. Meticulously tailored according to body measurements, creating a set like "PERSONAL PROFILE" for each customer.

2. You are the ONLY one with difference in size, color, material, pattern.

3. The product is full of HANDWORK value, with many stages of hand stitching completely.

4. FINE refinement, and asymptotic PERFECT value on demand.

5. Choose from RARE fabrics (Vicuna, Baby Cashmere), and it's hard to find with ready-made suits.

6. The sewing process takes place MANY TIMES to ensure absolute fit.

7. Highlight the timeless CLASSICAL fashion value.

In the middle of the battle Ready-to-wear and Tailored suit, it is Made to Measure (MTM) and many small tailors "hide" Made to Measure under the name Besopke. "Made to Measure" is still tailor-made and tweaked individually, but it only uses the general size, so it has not been able to reach the full level with the Tailored suit.

Understand in a broader sense that when you choose "BESOPKE SUIT" is PLAYING a true ART. However, not everyone can afford to step into the luxurious shops on Savile Row, and have enough time to "travel" for a whole month just to try the suit.

Therefore, TAILOR PLASTIC is one of the suitable options in the magnificent capital of Ho Chi Minh City. Sipping some wine, enjoying a few pianos, and listening to fabric stories from long-tailor artisans, the more you will understand that the Tailored suit is a choice of EXPERIENCE even if only once in lifetime.


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