The history of the suit in 1920 – Age of Industrialists

01:26 27/08/2019

The history of the suit in 1920 – Age of Industrialists

1920: The Age of Industrialists

In the late 1920s, men did not spare money on their clothes to show their wealth.

The costumes are elaborately expressed through the accompanying accessories which are coordinated with colorful shirts in accordance with the jazz spirit at that time.

Conservative style: inspired by the Prince of Wales and men from England with the famous Saville Row - the birthplace of the top tailored suits. The watch pocket on the jacket is a detail that is considered to be flawed if not present. The British trend now is double breasted, large version, wide shoulders without padding, hugging waist and hips. Trouser-style pants combine high-back buttons, large pockets and come with suspenders as trendy accessories. Typical colors are colors like dark navy, medium gray or light brown. By contrast, Americans demand more comfortable movements for suits with wider shoulders and longer lengths in more diverse motifs like stripe, windowpane and checks.
Ivy league: this style in England is derived from Oxford University and Ivy League schools. These students have changed the style of American suits such as thinner, fitter coats and smaller lapels and front pockets.
1920s TV suits: the historical accuracy that HBO’s Broadwalk Empire brought to a reference of men's clothing from the early 1920s to the middle. There are also quite famous TV shows to be able to admire but the top costumes for men like Peaky Blinders or Downton Abbey.

If you want to choose a 1920s-inspired suit, the slim fit design is popular one of the first things, slim fit here is the type of hug that fits, not too tight or like tight-fitting skinny pants, this should be clarified here because most people who hear about slim fit will immediately think of the cramped, frustrated immediately. Navy blue or gray is the tone that even today is the first choice for first-time suits because they are easy to wear for many occasions and not too picky. Maybe the tone as the gentlemen at the time in terms of colorful accessories, flashy but also should be careful because most of us often make mistakes in the color and texture.

Style icon: Joseph Kennedy, the Prince of Wales, …



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