What is full canvas? What is half canvas?

03:57 25/09/2019

The name of a suit tailor will be clearly shown through the suit like when on your friend. A suit is valuable when they are calculated carefully, precisely based on your body structure, of course, to do that only tailors with many years of experience in the profession with observant eyes. To accurately analyze and pull the most accurate scissors to create a suit, then you will agree with the concept of "waiting is happiness". Referring to such an elaborate suit, one must mention the Bespoke suit (obviously cannot be found in the Ready to wear or Made-to - measure). To compare the professionalism of the Bespoke line with each other, building the form will be the deciding factor for all. 

The other big advantage of this method is that it is comfortable and soft

Currently, the most common types of cultivation are Fused / Glued Suit and Canvassed Suit, which are further divided into two types: Half Canvas and Half Canvas. (Full canvas).
- First talking about Fused / Glued Suit technique. If talking about the reason for the introduction of this method can be encapsulated in an easy-to-understand concept: industry and cheap. Nowadays, the demand for wearing suits is increasing and the people with the need to wear suits are more diverse, which means that the cheap price is the first thought option and the next time is quickly increasing the number. in response to the current hustle and bustle.
Mosquito netting is a method of gluing adhesive linings to the outer fabric with a layer of glue and is handled under temperature and pressure - both on the front and inside the lapel. The glue for the fabric helps to create a pretty shape for the shirt, such as those need high padded shoulders. But the downside to this technique is that the shirt will look unnatural and the wearer will not feel more comfortable than the construction technique. Although the material has been improved, there has been no overall improvement in the quality of this method.

Canvas fabric made from wool combined with horsehair

- The method of reconstruction is much more elaborate. Savile Row is the place to start and create meticulously crafted suits to every small detail.
Full Canvas is a method of manually constructing a shirt form. The shirt form is made up of a piece of fabric fabric made from wool fabric combined with horsehair or camel hair or today to reduce the cost of a shirt that can be replaced with synthetic cotton. is sewn between the lining and the outer fabric, so the texture of the fabric is still soft, not as stiff as when pressed with a mosquito net or in a flowery way rather than a fabric that still "breathes". This piece of fabric has the function of keeping the suit from sagging or deforming, especially will make the lapel and chest look much more vivid. The other big advantage of this method is the comfort and softness that gives the wearer, plus the natural drooping for the suit, which makes the suit perfect even on your friend. The next most expensive point of this construction method is the cultivation of hair - this will help shape the shirt on your body and requires skilled skills, accuracy in the tailor is very high. The hair broth also provides a longer life for the shirt after steaming.
Half Canvas (Half Canvas) is a combination of the two methods above. There will still be a construction layer like Full Canvas but there will be an additional layer of glue between the construction layer and the fabric surface. Although not as soft as Full canvas, it will not be as stiff and lifeless as glue - this is the "compromise" between the two methods. Still will get the natural softness but the price is not too expensive, does not make you too hesitant to want to order many sets of suits at the same time when you are highly inspired, it is not a bad decision.

The other big advantage of this method is that it is comfortable and soft

Of course, by reading this, the gentlemen also have a suitable choice for themselves, suitable here I want to talk about is the situation, the income level, ... to have a perfect suit. Full canvas or Half canvas will still be Nhut Tailor to ensure your suit will be carefully cared from cutting to the final product to make sure you are satisfied. Here we have enthusiastic advice, choosing a variety of options for each customer from form, color to fabric. Let us help you worry less when you prepare to order a suit and do not hesitate to leave questions whenever you need our advice.


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