Why are people not wearing the last button when wearing suits?

01:23 27/08/2019

Why are people not wearing the last button when wearing suits?

Have you ever wondered why people wear suits without the last button?

There is an explanation that "because it is more fashionable", "because it looks like two buttons are too formal" ... and many other reasons. But practically anyone knows, the rule of "no last button" has been around for hundreds of years.

There is quite a lot of speculation about this "unwritten law". It is said that this is the legacy of a group of students of private schools Elton (UK) do not install the last button as a separate sign to identify each other. There are also places where hunters have developed a habit of removing the last button to make it easier to move in horseback riding or hunting.

But the most talked-about story, as well as its influence and spread, is the story of a king of a slightly plump figure in British history. King Edward VII (1841 - 1910) was a man with a stout body when he was still named the prince. At this time, men's suits are very popular.

There have been many anecdotes around this. Someone said, “With his slightly oversized body, the Prince could not close the last button of the suit because he did not fit well. "Someone said that you tried to attach the button and when you sat down, the button was shot out."

Must understand that the British nobility is very sophisticated in costume with strict standards of fashion. The fact that a royal figure "forgot" to attach the last button did not fall outside the eyes of the other nobles. In order to show respect for the prince, who in the future will rule the kingdom, the other nobles also began to unbutton the last button. From the aristocracy, gradually all men in the kingdom also unbuttoned the bottom of the vest.

That is a really interesting story, isn't it? Let us know how you feel about this.


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