Business Man of September

Business Man of September

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Business - Formal Suit

About the colors and textures for the sets need formal or in the workplace, it will be dark tones: dark gray / light (mid / dark gray) charcoal gray (charcoal gray), blue / dark navy (navy / dark navy). Textures suitable for Business suits will be small, sink or the stripes or stripes (Prince of Wales) is always mentioned first.

The choice of this business suit we have for the 3 pieces of charcoal gray, combined with the necktie and gray shirt, makes the overall neutral and if you want to increase the contrast, you can Change shirt color to white. The fabric used for this set is wool mix with a ratio of 70% wool. For business suits that need to be formulated to fit the body, the heavy shoulder structure to have the suit can stand the form, showing the respect we need.


- The smooth red tie is also a pretty good choice, will help you stand out from the neutral gray color scheme like the image above.

- And a complete suit needs to be paired with a shirt (dress shirt), tie and western shoes (dress shoes) dark. Textures smooth or sink, the contrast should stop at an average level.

Product information:

Half / Full canvas
Fabric: wool blended (70% wool)
Price: from 5,500,000 / set of 2 pieces
          from 7,000,000 / set of 3 pieces
- Implementation time: 7 days


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