Dark navy pinstripe - Three Piece

Dark navy pinstripe - Three Piece

ID: 18.
100% Wool


The three-piece dark navy stripe suit (three piece) with large pointed veins, big enough to look classy but not too big, inspired by Leonardo di Caprio's “The wolf of wall” Street". Turned back to the 19th century, this is also one of the popular models of the rich, especially those in the banking industry, at that time men showed their wealth through suits.

This is a conscious and sophisticated choice if you are looking for a Business Suit. The appropriate color may be charcoal gray or dark blue.


Shirts: to avoid the common mistakes of textures, a plain shirt is a safe choice when combined with the striped pattern of a suit, double-cuffed bamboo shoots so that it can have a certain solemnity.
Necktie: the most perfect for stripes is combined with polka dot pattern and there is no doubt, dark red with dark blue.
Shoes: brown or black oxford (cap-toe balmorals)
Socks: should be dark color - black is the best choice in this case
Product information:

Full canvas
Fabric: Holland and Sherry - Royal Mile 1976
Price: VND 29,000,000 / set of 2 pieces
38,000,000 / set of 3 pieces

- Implementation time: 3-4 weeks


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