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Standeven - British litchi "guarantee" quality

Bespoke Suit is not only a clothing, but it is also an asset and an immortal spiritual value for gentlemen. To make a true Bespoke Suit, it not only needs an excellent tailor, but also must have top quality fabric. Coming to England - where the origin of the phrase "legend" of Savile Row, Standeven has become an address to consider when you come to the land of fog.

Standeven was founded in 1885 by a collaboration between John William Standeven and Sam Earnshaw, and is based in a small town near Halifax Yorkshire - the center of the textile industry. Today, Standeven is considered one of the oldest British fabric brands with a history of more than 125 years, and is a location that provides high quality 100% wool fabrics. The brand has exported to "fastidious" countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and expanded to more than 50 other countries. John Standeven works dozens of hours every day with an endless passion for fabric that has developed the brand into a trusted address for leading tailor craftsmen.

All Standeven fabrics are manufactured with a closed process, guaranteed to meet all production standards, and always improved to meet market needs. Internal design team working professionally, always interacting with customers around the globe to collect ideas to create unique fabric samples. Standeven always produces with the principle of using natural fibers woven into bundles to create the perfect fabric pattern. Skilled workers always pay close attention to details, and work to the highest standards towards consistency in service and quality. Standeven ensures all fabric is manufactured to the highest possible standards through its own factory. In terms of shipping, Standeven always tries to optimize the parcel packing stage to send the complete and fastest way.

Some outstanding fabric lines of Standeven include:

ESCUDO: Considered an "inspiring" fabric line for jacket models. Exclusive Escorial wool with comfortable elasticity, softness from wool helps create one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.
OXBRIDGE FLANNEL: Super soft, super luxurious flannel fabric. Produced by traditional techniques and blended with contemporary inspiration to create litchi retains the classic nuance, but still exudes a modern style by the fashion sinking motifs.
FESTIVAL: The "light" fabric line is suitable for travel occasions, easy to cut and bring a real interesting experience to the wearer. Despite its light weight, its strong structure makes it durable, breathable and creased. An ideal, handy choice for four-season weather.


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