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11:18 19/10/2019


"Fashion will gradually fade, only immortal style" - Coco Chanel

Different from ready-made products, tailor-made suit is a UNIQUE demeanor, and MEDIUM is perfect with the body. The phrase "Bespoke" has become a separate term in the fashion industry since the late 19th century, and comes from Saville Row - a street of the most famous traditional fashion apparel in England. Each Bespoke suit is meticulously measured by a master mechanic with dozens of measurements, and over a hundred changing options.
More than 50 years of experience in tailoring services for thousands of customers, "PLASTIC TAILOR" not only brings the delicate and fitting BESPOKE SUIT, but also contributes to highlight each individual's personality. Different from ready-made products, tailor-made suit is UNIQUE, and creates a mature manners.

The process of "measuring ni closing suit" of NHILOR NHUTOR consists of 4 steps:
- Step 1: Free of CONSULTING & DESIGN many designs (models, designs, materials ...)

Tailors receive requests for colors (bass, light), materials in hundreds of fabric samples (wool, cotton, microfiber, poly), and patterns (twill, checker, stripe) from Italy, English, Korean, Japanese. After that, the tailor proceeds to personalize according to customer preferences with details such as collars, cufflinks, buttons, buttonholes, thread colors, designs (English, American, Italian), etc. to fit the requirements (walking, events).
Hint: Customers should visualize and prepare details of the order they want to order (such as price, style, color).


- Step 2: MEASURE detailed body measurements

The whole measurement procedure is strictly adhered to European standards, with detailed measurement parameters for Shirts, Giles, Vest and pants.
Note: Customers must reserve a certain amount of money for the tailor and make an appointment to receive products.

- Step 3: TRIAL CHANGE AND EDIT (check for fit)

Testing and editing work can range from 2-3 times to create a product that fits the absolute best. For example, when assembling a sample shirt, the tailor will adjust the form according to the shape of the person according to the comments on the length of the shirt, the sleeve length, the width of the lapel ...

- Step 4: COMPLETE and hand over the product

Completion and handover of finished products (final inspection and handover of finished products)
(You can add the date of receiving specific products for each product such as waistcoat, vest, pants)
Customers proceed to try the finished shirt, and may change a few more details like the style of buttons. The tailor will also proceed to share more on how to map accordingly.

Each step has many different detailed steps to create the BESPOKE SUIT kit to ensure absolute quality, consistent and according to the most desired of customers. Especially, there are totally MANUAL processes to ensure perfect accuracy.
For those who love fashion, or simply need a true "outfit" to attend the big event, BESPOKE SUIT of NHUL TAILOR is a reliable choice.



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