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What is Premium Suit Fabric?

To create a high-quality tailored suit or custom-made vest, the choice of fabric is of utmost importance. A beautiful suit should start with excellent fabric quality because, even with similar designs and colors, it is the close-up details, the texture of the fabric, and the weaving patterns that make all the difference. Premium and luxury fabrics are the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Nhựt Bespoke presents a few essential criteria that are prioritized in creating the perfect vest.



Criteria for Evaluating High-Quality Suit Fabric

 Frequency of Use

The first aspect to consider when selecting fabric for a tailored vest can be summed up in one word: versatility. This means that after the suit is tailored, it may be the only ensemble used regularly for an extended period, such as weddings, funerals, job interviews, important dates, or other events. The suit will be worn in any season and at any time of day or night.

The Level of Comfort

The unique breathability in a suit that is both luxurious and comfortable comes from the fabric quality and the expertise of the craftsmen. You wouldn't want to wear a suit and feel suffocated under layers of material, so you need a fabric that allows airflow and keeps you comfortable throughout the day! Both cotton and linen fabrics have excellent breathability for summer garments. Additionally, most open-weave wools also have temperature-regulating properties while providing higher value.



From a technical standpoint, wool has an incredibly impressive ability to regulate temperature because this material reacts to your body heat, allowing hot air to escape when you feel too warm and insulating when your body temperature drops in cold seasons.

Fabric Weight

The weight of the fabric can be misleading because different fabric manufacturers provide different measurement units depending on the materials used. The fundamental point when choosing a bespoke vest is that lightweight fabrics work best for hot weather, while heavier fabrics will keep you warmer in cold weather. Most materials are measured in grams per meter, referred to as GSM, or measured in ounces per yard (fl-oz -yd3).

Above all, when you see terms like "light," "medium," and "heavy," they will give you a general idea of the fabric thickness. For example, tweed fabric is often referred to as heavy, weighing around 14 oz. Additionally, the weight of the fabric also plays a role in the drape and style of a garment. Very lightweight fabrics may not hang as well as a medium-weight fabric. For this reason, ultra-fine cashmere has a high level of softness, almost to the point of perfection. Similarly, heavy-weight suit fabrics can provide a structured finish, making it easy to hang.

Fabric Weaving Styles

The weaving pattern gives a unique appearance to the fabric. Popular weaving patterns for tailoring include houndstooth, twill, gabardine, and herringbone. However, the twill weave remains one of the most common weaving styles for many fabrics. This pattern uses a diagonal design, often with two colors of thread. For example, Denim uses a twill weave with blue and white threads. Sometimes, you may come across a herringbone weave referred to as a broken twill. It looks like twill, except the diagonal lines slant in one direction in one row and then the opposite in the next row! This contrasting pattern creates a visually appealing and unique effect.

Fabric Quality

High-quality fabric materials set suits apart and make them stand out when compared to similar products. Not only that, but they also assert the individuality of the wearer effectively. Although the prices of premium tailoring fabrics are not cheap, the value they bring to the suit is entirely worth it. In addition to the raw materials, the weaving techniques and technologies employed by the fabric manufacturers play a crucial role in producing high-quality fabric swatches.

Well-known Fabric Brands for Suit You Should Know

Nhựt Bespoke takes pride in being one of the exclusive bespoke suit tailors and distributors of fabric collections from renowned, long-standing fabric houses in Italy, England, and France – countries that have held dominant positions on the map of the textile industry for decades.

Scabal Fabrics

Scabal is known for being one of the foremost producers of luxury fabrics worldwide. It originated in Brussels, Belgium, in 1938 and has since lived by the motto: "We never compromise when it comes to materials. Only the finest materials yield results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name." Scabal exclusively offers the highest quality fabrics made from the finest raw materials. Introducing up to fifteen new collections each year, including limited and perennial editions, Scabal remains at the forefront of design and innovation. This allows you to choose from over 5,000 leading Scabal fabrics, crafted by skilled artisans who possess exceptional craftsmanship.

To experience the delightful Scabal fabrics, Nhựt Bespoke proudly introduces the standout collection, Noble Phantom Super 200s, which stands out even among the renowned Special Editions of Scabal, woven in the style of traditional tropical fabrics. This makes Scabal Noble Phantom an legend fabric for the summer, with a significantly lighter weight than the average range of 220-240g. This weight is the origin of the name "phantom," a ghostly figure prominent in English folklore.

Visit Nhut Tailor today to discover the perfect Scabal fabrics for your vest or schedule a personal consultation with one of our skilled bespoke craftsmen.

Holland & Sherry Fabric

The fabrics for suits and vests from Holland & Sherry are imported from the United Kingdom. With Holland & Sherry, they strive to create the finest fabrics and provide them to the most skilled bespoke tailors with excellent service. Holland & Sherry continuously researches to develop increasingly superior and luxurious natural fiber fabrics. There are two main fabric lines: fabrics woven from 100% natural linen fibers and a premium blend of linen fibers to maintain a soft structure while ensuring high durability and breathability, making them suitable for any time of the year.



Cashmere are used to create premium fabric rolls, including Merino wool harvested from the world's oldest sheep breed, which originated from ancient times and has been commercialized throughout the Mediterranean. For this reason, for hundreds of years, they have been the exclusive possession of royalty and wealthy nobles in Spain. The demand for this luxury fiber has been increasing as it has become a symbol of wealth in high society. The mesmerizing fabric you see above is woven by highly skilled artisans who have been working alongside Holland & Sherry for decades.

Nhà vải Vitale Barberis Canonico của Ý

Vitale Barberis Canonico, a long-standing fabric brand with over 350 years of history, also known as VBC in Italy, has been preserved and developed by 15 generations of the Barberis Canonico Family. Vitale Barberis Canonico takes pride in its exquisite fabric rolls, which are created using a secret and skilled dyeing method. The fabric lengths from VBC are reserved for skilled tailors to craft valuable garments for formal occasions.



For Vitale Barberis Canonico, sustainability is not just a trend demanded by the market, but it is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of this renowned Italian fabric house, passed down from generation to generation. VBC fabrics are woven from 100% wool sourced from sheep in Italy, New Zealand, and Australia, nurtured in joyful and comfortable environments with lush green pastures. If you are looking for your first 100% Wool suit and seeking advice on how to care for wool fabric, Nhựt Bespoke is here to provide you with the most professional support.

Caccioppoli From Italy

The Italian fabric house "Made in Italy" Caccioppoli 1920 emerged after World War II and gained recognition through Hugo Jacomet - the renowned elegant gentleman of our time, mentioned in his bestselling book. With its versatile fabric, Caccioppoli is favored by the Sartorial community for its impeccable quality, captivating colors, and eye-catching patterns that never fail to impress. This Italian fabric house offers unique choices, such as special weave combinations like Solaro and Seersucker, as well as rare and distinctive striped fabrics, all of which are sure to delight any discerning connoisseur. With a wide range of unique options crafted from predominant materials like wool and linen, along with its origins in Naples, Italy, Caccioppoli is likened to the "underworld" of the fabric industry.



Nhựt Bespoke Tailoring takes pride in its professional team and services spanning over 60 years, bringing unique designs to thousands of customers in over 30 countries. Nhựt always strives to provide the highest quality service and aims to satisfy even the most discerning and knowledgeable fashion enthusiasts. Nhựt Bespoke offers the most beautiful and premium fabrics, including those from renowned brands such as Scabal, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, and Dormeuil, among others. Customers can choose from various styles and different cuts to create a stunning tailored shirt or a distinctive suit that reflects their personal style. Each tailored vest at Nhựt Tailor is meticulously crafted, paying attention to every tiny detail, from buttons to stitches. Every garment is handcrafted and meticulously measured to ensure a perfect fit for each customer.


Furthermore, Nhựt Bespoke also offers adjustment and repair services to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only a unique bespoke tailoring shop, Nhựt Tailor also brings exciting experiences. The shop provides premium accessories such as neckties, bows, and high-quality cufflinks for customers to complete their ensembles. With premium product quality and professional services, Nhựt Tailor has become one of the top choices for those seeking the finest craftsmanship in bespoke tailoring.

Nhựt Bespoke hopes that this article helps gentlemen gain additional insights when choosing premium fabric for their tailored vests.




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