Mix-and-match cravat and pocket square

01:25 27/08/2019

As an integral part of the elegant tailor-made suit, the mix-and-match cravat and pocket square suit enhances the gentlemen's aesthetic.

♦ cra The principle of cravat coordination is quite simple, for those who wear a slim fit suit, the combination with a skinny or slim tie will make the clothes become uniform, elegant and trendy. As for the standard type, the basic and oldest tie in all 3 styles, is a more suitable choice for those aged 30 and older and prefer the traditional style.

♦ pocket With pocket square, the basic rule and the first to mix a beautiful square pocket is to choose the same color with tie (or white), then we take into account the motifs and materials. There are many patterns such as pasley to checkers, if you are confused with a forest of textures and do not know which one will suit you, the simplest and safest way is to choose a smooth tone. Safer is still white, white is always a bridge to bring your personal style to sophistication, simplicity and elegance.

A lot of women say that what makes them realize whether a man has a sophisticated fashion sense is the accessories. But because they do not know the basic coordination rules, many Vietnamese men have not selected suitable accessories.

Let Nhut Bespoke Tailoring help you!


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