Pocket Square

10:20 05/01/2020

Although not often considered an important accessory such as a tie, a watch, but Pocket Square is a "toy" with high fashion and good sense of sophistication. In fact, many of us often mistake the Pocket Square scarf for handkerchief in a pocket.

Pocket Square is a scarf placed in the chest pocket of suit jacket / blazer with the sole purpose of aesthetics to "change the tone" for a familiar outfit, showing personality. Pocket Square is often made picky by popular materials such as silk, wool, cotton, linen. Of course, if you are wearing a valuable bespoke suit, then choose the "premium" Pocket Square with hem or scarf stitching then hand sewn, premium materials and rare print color to create luxurious accents. Try to stay away from cheap polyester scarves with dazzling, artificial colors.

Of all materials, silk is the most ideal material because of its softness, less creases and high aesthetics. For size, the silk scarf should choose the size of 42 × 42 cm because soft silk fabric is easy to sink under the bag, so it needs to be bigger than usual to create a "frame". The wool / cotton / linen sizes are usually smaller than about 32 × 32 cm. Wool fabrics for winter and linen for summer. In fact, choosing a PS scarf is usually not too difficult and it is often a "pleasure" to collect with men.

The way of folding towels is also an art, and very diverse by dozens of different folding styles. You should divide into three simple forms: working for office, walking on the street and luxurious parties.

For example, if the workplace environment, you should choose the square folding style for a professional manner, top, and should choose a white PS scarf to match the shirt inside. And if you are walking around with friends, you should choose the way to fold single peak (one-point), double peak (two-point), scallop to avoid boredom and more fashionable. When you party, you should choose the relatively more sophisticated folding methods such as three vertices (three points), four points (four points), dunaway to show gentleness and separate "ego".


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