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Why suit fabric is important for summer?

High temperatures are characteristic of the summer season in Vietnam, making the selection of materials for tailored suits and vests particularly important. Depending on the occasions and frequency of use, you can be flexible in choosing a suit set that provides utmost comfort. Therefore, the choice of suit fabric should prioritize softness and breathability to ensure maximum comfort in hot weather.

 Suit Materials For Summer and Tropical Climate 

Natural Fabrics 

According to scientific research, when it comes to the materials used for summer suits or vests, natural fabrics such as linen, wool, and cotton have many advantages in terms of regulating body temperature. In addition, another notable factor in the popularity of fabrics, as listed by Nhựt Bespoke, is their incredibly lightweight nature. That is why tailored suits made of linen, cotton, wool, and tweed are widely seen during this time of the year.



However, there is more to fabric than just the fiber content and weight; the fabric's weave style, particularly an "open weave," can make a significant difference in the cooling properties of suit and vest materials. When you stretch a piece of fabric with an open weave, you can clearly see the light shining through. To provide you with a starting point for summer suits or vests, here is some information about the best materials for hot weather.


Linen is a natural fabric known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Its open weave allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable in hot and humid conditions. Summer fabrics like linen also have natural moisture-wicking properties, eliminating the uncomfortable sticky feeling caused by hot body temperature. Outfits made from linen fabric will keep the air cool, even in Smart Casual occasions, such as summer weddings or pool parties.


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Although many people may be hesitant due to the wrinkles in the fabric, on the contrary, the comfortable and stylish appearance created by a few wrinkles can be an interesting feature for the wearer. Linen clothing sets will achieve a similar effect and tend to have better wrinkle resistance. Currently, this material is more popular than ever due to the evolving and vibrant fashion trends. In addition to tailored suits and vests, everyone can add a linen outfit to their wardrobe to enjoy an exciting vacation by the beach. 




Despite its name, tropical wool is a lightweight and breathable fabric suitable for hot weather. It is made from fine wool fibers and often blended with other materials for added comfort. People often wonder if wool or specifically known as wool for suits or tailored vests is too hot to wear in the summer. While a thick wool garment may make you feel like you're melting, the smooth wool fibers are actually praised for their ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To apply this quality to the summer season, mills often create open-weave wool fabrics that are more breathable while still being smooth and durable. Hopsack is an excellent example of one of these weave styles.



To ensure durability and effective wrinkle resistance, wool fabric is often blended with a certain percentage of polyester, typically ranging from 50% to 90% wool. This significantly reduces the cost of wool fabric, making it more widely accessible without compromising the value of the suit. It becomes an ideal choice, especially for travel purposes. For a slightly smarter option, a summer suit or vest made from linen fabric provides utmost comfort. Choose one of the lighter wool fabric options from Nhựt Bespoke for a perfect year-round outfit that can withstand the test of time, particularly suitable for the climate in Saigon.


Accessory Combinations - Details that Make a Statement for Vests

Accessories play a crucial role in elevating the overall look of a vest and creating impactful style statements. Paying attention to the right accessory combinations can make a significant difference in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vest ensemble. To complement your outfit, choose vibrant colors for your pocket square, necktie, socks, and even lapel pin to match the summer theme. If your ensemble is relatively simple, feel free to experiment with bolder accessories, such as floral neckties. If you opt for seersucker or a more eye-catching suit, you'll want to keep the accompanying accessories simpler. To let a bright-colored suit shine, it's best to keep the accessories minimal and understated.


Nhựt Bespoke hopes that this article has provided some options for gentlemen to wear vests during the summer while still being comfortable and stylish.



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