Discuss how to clean and ironing a Bespoke suit

09:44 25/02/2020

Bespoke Suit is more than an outfit because of the exquisite craftsmanship value that is cleverly interlocked through each cut, needle point. Therefore, the story of European tailor-made laundry will become more complex as the phrase "the profession is also very elaborate".

Not as simple as you think with t-shirts, jeans and all-in-one cramming. The gentleman will have all the notes including: type of washing, material, time "need" to wash, how to keep a normal hygiene. Saying so but not too confusing, let's go into details.

A. Washing Type

Two main types are: wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet washing is "everyday" and you only need to pay attention to how to "setup" your washing machine, choose the right chemicals. Dry cleaning is an industrial laundry and instead of using water, you use chemicals completely. Dry washing avoids shrinkage in "sensitive" fabrics such as wool, silk, suit jackets with canvas; Suitable for long washing cycles such as trousers and suit jackets, overcoat. Ideally, you should see the storage label with store-bought items, or follow the tailor's instructions if you are tailoring. Note if the label says dry clean, "carefree" dry cleaning.

B. Cloth material

Wet washing: cotton, linen, synthetic fabrics

Dry cleaning: wool, silk, cashmere, mohair ...

With popular cotton shirts, you should be wet-washed and washable by washing machines. It is recommended that you separate light and dark colors. Cotton / linen pants can also be washed, but encourage you to wash your hands to avoid things being "crushed" by the machine.

You should choose to use dry cleaning with "expensive" wool and cashmere fabrics - fabrics that are often chosen to measure jackets, overcoat. Suit jackets should not be washed too often unless in an "urgent" dirty situation. Because this type of shirt is less in contact with the skin, does not get oily or sweaty. Suggest that you only need to buy an extra fine horsehair brush and a bush to keep the coat clean. In a nutshell, wool or cotton shirts, which are erected strips or fused structures in combination with chest canvas, must be dry cleaned. Pants with "fluffy" fabrics are similar to avoid excessive washing to increase durability, and always choose dry cleaning.

A few more suggestions that ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL BEARS because the soft curved lapel is the characteristic of a decent banding and tailoring shirt. Choose a laundry house with a camera to capture and always take photos of your shirt and special details for comparison.


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