Essential or Must - have Accessories for Men's Wardrobe

04:47 30/01/2023

The personalities of every man are diverse and unique. However, no matter what, there will be certain must-have items - essential accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe. Each accessory or garment in your wardrobe will elevate your style and physique to another level.

Without delving into oversized items like trousers, vests, shirts, or suits, or discussing a broader range of styles, personal accessories will be the standout details for gentlemen on their journey to building a personal style.

Nhựt Bespoke will suggest simple yet highly effective accessories in this article.

  1. Belt

The belt is an important accessory when paired with trousers and a dress shirt. Typically, a belt is used to hold the trousers in place, particularly suitable for loose-fitting pants. Moreover, with simple outfits, a belt can be a focal point of your attire. Nhựt Bespoke suggests choosing two basic colors for belts: brown and black, made from durable and beautiful materials such as suede leather.


 Nhựt Bespoke - Over 50 years of experience in Bespoke Tailoring in HCMC

  1.  Ties

If the frequency of wearing a necktie is not too high or it is not a mandatory detail in your everyday outfits, then basic colors will be prioritized. Some colors that Nhựt Bespoke suggests are choosing a cravat with colors different from the vest and dress shirt. Alternatively, you can opt for the same color but with different shades to create accents and ensure color harmony.


Nhựt Bespoke - Over 50 years of experience in Bespoke Tailoring in HCMC

A more useful tip is to have a conversation with the consultant about the outfit you will be wearing, your personal preferences, and the image you want to create.

  1. Pocket Square

Fashion-savvy gentlemen will have a pocket square ready for events or as a substitute for a necktie when necessary. A color that complements any outfit is a white tone. However, a dark-colored square with a different material than the necktie will accentuate the overall color scheme of the ensemble.


Nhựt Bespoke - Over 50 years of experience in Bespoke Tailoring in HCMC
  1. Cufflinks:

If you frequently wear French cuff shirts, you'll want quality cufflinks. Precious metals and stainless steel are favored choices at Nhựt Bespoke, with a color palette that offers a different perspective for some fun and color variety.


Nhựt Bespoke - Over 50 years of experience in Bespoke Tailoring in HCMC

  1.  Watches:

Watches are another accessory that Nhựt Bespoke wants to mention. Not only do they help individuals manage their time, but they also reflect the qualities of the wearer. Despite the understanding that investing in an essential accessory goes beyond appearances, Nhựt Bespoke recognizes that a good and durable watch, just like the dedicated craftsmen at Nhựt Tailor who put their hearts into each bespoke garment, will ensure that your style remains timeless.


Nhựt Bespoke - Over 50 years of experience in Bespoke Tailoring in HCMC





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