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"Fashion will gradually fade, only immortal style" - Coco Chanel

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The name of a suit tailor will be clearly shown through the suit like when on your friend. A suit is valuable when they are calculated carefully, precisely based on your body structure, of course, to do that only tailors with many years of experience in the profession with observant eyes. To accurately analyze and pull the most accurate scissors to create a suit, then you will agree with the concept of "waiting is happiness". Referring to such an elaborate suit, one must mention the Bespoke suit (obviously cannot be found in the Ready to wear or Made-to - measure). To compare the professionalism of the Bespoke line with each other, building the form will be the deciding factor for all. 
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Double cuff

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Why are people not wearing the last button when wearing suits?

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Mix-and-match cravat and pocket square

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The history of the suit in 1920 – Age of Industrialists

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